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Social House Staff Request Empty Social House Staff Request

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 11, 2010 1:23 am

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Is looking for new Staff, that could be you!

What staff are needed,
1 Global Moderator
1 Media Header
1 Contest Header
1 Gamer Header

What are the responsibilities?

For Moderator,
The responsibilities of the Moderator are as follows, clean up all forums from spam and remove old, undeleted threads no longer needed.

For the Media Header,
For Media header,
The responsibilities of media header are as follows, creating ideas for socializing such as, new topics, ideas for fun topics to keep members entertained.

For Contest Header,
Contest header is in charge of new contests monthly and must run multiple contests a month. All contests must be approved by admin first!

Game Header,
Game header must add new new games to the forum game section and moderate them. Theses games are java or flash games that can be played, not the topic games, again, the topic games are the media headers responsibilities, don't get that mixed up.

Think you could help Social house out? Shoot out a pm to the admin at with your form filled out . . . .

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Thanks, the admin of Social House.

Email :
How many hours are you on:
Why should we should choose you over everyone else:
Do you have any special computer talents?:
How Experienced Are You In Forums:
additional info:


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